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Agenda October 8, 2002

Alan S. Arkatov, Chair
Carol Chandler, Vice Chair
Robert L. Moore, Interim Executive Director

Please note: The meeting times listed on the following pages are approximate. They may begin earlier or later than listed, depending on when the previous meetings are adjourned.

Public Comment

Public comment may be made on every agenda item. Persons attending the meeting who wish to address the California Postsecondary Education Commission on a subject to be considered at this meeting are asked to complete a Request Form and provide it to the secretary prior to the scheduled agenda item. Persons wishing to provide comments for Commission consideration may provide written comments electronically for inclusion in the web-based version of the Commission meeting agenda in the Public Comment Forum section for the Commission meeting.

TUESDAY, October 8, 9:30 a.m.

California State Capitol
Assembly Committee Room 437
Sacramento, California 95814
Messages may be left in Sacramento (916) 445-1000
FAX (916) 327-4417

Executive Session

Roll Call

Pursuant to Government Code Section 11126(c)(8), the California Postsecondary Education Commission will meet in closed session to discuss personnel matters.


Commissioners will dine with past and present staff members and hear an oral report on the Eisenhower Professional Development Program and its transition.

1:00 p.m.

California Postsecondary Education Commission

Alan S. Arkatov, Chair
Carol Chandler, Vice Chair
Irwin S. Field
Susan Hammer
Lance Izumi
Odessa P. Johnson
Guillermo Rodriguez, Jr.
Evonne Seron Schulze
Rachel E. Shetka
Olivia K. Singh
Anthony M. Vitti
Howard Welinsky
Melinda G. Wilson

Roll Call
 Action Item
Consent Calendar

The agenda items listed below have been placed on a Commission Consent Calendar that will be moved as a single item for consideration of the Commission as a whole. The Chair may, at the request of any commissioner, remove an individual item(s) from the Consent Calendar in which case that item reverts to the appropriate Commission committee for further consideration.

The Commission Consent Calendar for October is as follows:

  • Approval of the Commission Minutes of the Meeting of July 22, 2002 (in PDF format)
  • Approval of the Minutes for the Governmental Relations Committee Meeting of July 22, 2002 (in PDF format)
  • Approval of the Minutes for the Fiscal Policy and Analysis Committee Meeting of July 22, 2002 (in PDF format)
  • Approval of the Minutes for the Educational Policy and Programs Committee Meeting of July 22, 2002 (in PDF format)
Presenter: Commission Chair Arkatov.

 Information Item
Executive Session Report, Chair Alan S. Arkatov

The Chair will report on actions taken in the Executive Session.

 Information Item
Report of the Chair, Alan S. Arkatov

The Chair will discuss with Commissioners issues of interest to the Commission.

 Information/Action Item
State Legislative Update, October 2002
(in PDF format)

Staff will update the Commission on Legislative activity and discuss Propositions 47 and 49. Presenter: Marge Chisholm.

Recommended Action: The Commission may take related action.

 Information Item
Higher Education Budget Update, 2002-2003
(in PDF format)

Staff will update the Commission on the Higher Education Budget, 2002-2003. Presenter: Kevin G. Woolkfork.

 Information Item
Policy Principles Relating to Resident Student Charges at Californiaís Public Universities
(in PDF format)

Commission staff will provide a brief status report and discuss the policy principles relating to student charges that have been developed in consultation with the Commissionís student fee policy advisory committee. Presenter: Karl Engelbach.

 Information Item
Issues and Challenges Confronted by Postsecondary Education Institutions in Providing Increased Postsecondary Education Opportunities to Residents of Superior California
(in PDF format)

The 2001-02 State Budget directed the Commission to prepare a report on the higher education needs of Superior California. This draft report responds to that request and highlights the options that could be implemented to expand postsecondary education opportunities available in Superior California. Staff will highlight how the options identified in the report may also be used to assist other regions of the state. Presenters: Karl Engelbach and William L. Storey.

 Information Item

Report of the Statutory Advisory Committee, Todd Greenspan, Chair

The Commissionís Statutory Advisory Committee is scheduled to meet on Monday, September 30, 2002, and Committee Chair Todd Greenspan will report on its deliberations. Additionally, the Advisory Committee will discuss with the Commissioners its recommendations on Commission role and responsibilities.

 Information Item
Report of the Interim Executive Director, Robert L. Moore

Interim Executive Director Robert L. Moore will lead a Commission discussion on Commission priorities and a strategic action plan for its future, including a contextual framework. Included in his discussion will be:

  1. The Master Plan Then and Now
  2. Eligibility Study
  3. Regional Enrollment Study
  4. Nursing Study
  5. Cross Enrollment Study
  6. Legislative Analystís Office Review
  7. Strategic Priorities
  8. CPEC Workplan
 Information Item

Proposed Commission Meeting Dates for 2003 and 2004
(in PDF format)

Staff will present for Commissioner consideration proposed meeting dates for the next two years. Presenter: David E. Leveille.

 Information Item
Nominating Committee, Howard Welinsky, Chair

Consistent with Commission Bylaws, the Committee is scheduled to recommend its slate of Commission officers for the year 2003, in preparation for action at its December meeting.

Other Business

4:00 p.m.


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