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California Postsecondary Education Data Home Page

Enacted Legislation

This page contains links to the full text of legislation signed into law that directly or indirectly pertains to the Commissionís charge and responsibilities.

Chaptered Legislation

  • Senate Bill 33 (Donahoe Higher Education Act)
    Legislation that created the Master Plan for Higher Education in California.

  • Assembly Bill 770 (Chapter 1187 of the Statutes of 1973), Education Code Section 66900-66906
    Legislation that established the Commission as the State planning and coordinating body for higher education.

  • Assembly Bill 746 (Chapter 829, Statutes of 1987)
    Equal Access to Public Postsecondary Education. This bill added Sections 67310-67313 to the California Education Code. AB 746, Chapter 829, Statutes of 1987. This bill offers protections for disabled college students. Specifies principles that a state funded activity is required to observe to promote equal access for disabled students. It requires college and university officials to adopt rules and regulations and develop and implement a system for evaluating programs and services for disabled students.

  • Senate Bill 121 (Chapter 1188, Statutes of 1991)
    This bill implements recommendations of the 1988 report of the Legislature's Joint Committee on Review of the Master Plan regarding desirable improvements in the operation of the transfer function in California public higher education.

  • Assembly Bill 1808 (Chapter 741, Statutes Of 1991)
    This bill requires the University of California, The California State University and the California Community Colleges to prepare a list of reports submitted on a regular basis to the legislature. The California Postsecondary Education Commission would be required to review and comment on these reports and make recommendations for reporting requirements and submit a report to the Legislature and Governor regarding the performance of higher education institutions.

  • Assembly Bill 1570 (Chapter 916, Statutes of 1999)
    This bill requires the Commission's data base to support longitudinal studies of individual students, provide the interactive use of data, and provide each of the educational segments access to the data.

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