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Committee Members

2010/2011 Legislative Session

Assembly Appropriations Committee
Felipe Fuentes, Chair Nora Campos Isadore Hall Jim Nielsen
Diane L. Harkey, Vice Chair Mike Davis Jerry Hill Chris Norby
Bob Blumenfield Tim Donnelly Ricardo Lara Jose Solorio
Steven Bradford Mike Gatto Holly J. Mitchell Donald P. Wagner
Charles M. Calderon      

Assembly Budget Committee
Bob Blumenfield, Chair Joan Buchanan Diane L. Harkey William W. Monning
Jim Nielsen, Vice Chair Betsy Butler Jared Huffman Mike Morrell
Luis A. Alejo Gil Cedillo Kevin Jeffries Brian J. Nestande
Michael Allen Wesley Chesbro Brian W. Jones Sandré R. Swanson
Bill Berryhill Roger Dickinson Dan Logue David G. Valadao
Susan Bonilla Mike Feuer Allan R. Mansoor Donald P. Wagner
Julia Brownley Richard S. Gordon Holly J. Mitchell  

Assembly Budget Subcommittee Number 2 on Education Finance
Susan Bonilla, Chair Julia Brownley Brian J. Nestande Sandré R. Swanson
Bill Berryhill      

Assembly Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Committee
Mary Hayashi, Chair Betsy Butler Curt Hagman Fiona Ma
Bill Berryhill, Vice Chair Mike Eng Jerry Hill Cameron Smyth
Michael Allen      

Assembly Education Committee
Julia Brownley, Chair Joan Buchanan Mike Eng Linda Halderman
Chris Norby, Vice Chair Betsy Butler Beth Gaines Donald P. Wagner
Tom Ammiano Wilmer Amina Carter Jeff Gorell Das Williams

Assembly Higher Education Committee
Marty Block, Chair Julia Brownley Cathleen Galgiani Jeff Miller
Tim Donnelly, Vice Chair Paul J. Fong Ricardo Lara Anthony Portantino
K. H. Achadjian      

Assembly Judiciary Committee
Donald P. Wagner, Vice Chair Mike Feuer Jared Huffman William W. Monning
Toni Atkins Jeff Gorell Brian W. Jones Bob Wieckowski
Roger Dickinson Alyson Huber    

Assembly Select Committee on Community Colleges
Mary Hayashi, Chair Nora Campos Warren T. Furutani Jim Nielsen
Marty Block Gil Cedillo Richard S. Gordon Jim Silva
Susan Bonilla Paul J. Fong Isadore Hall Cameron Smyth

Assembly Select Committee on Lowering CA's High School Dropout Rate
Bill Berryhill Warren T. Furutani    

Assembly Select Committee on Lowering CA's High School Dropout Rate
Bill Berryhill Warren T. Furutani Alyson Huber  

Assembly Select Committee on Lowering CA's High School Dropout Rates
Bill Berryhill Joan Buchanan Alyson Huber Steve Knight
Julia Brownley Warren T. Furutani    

Joint Committee on the Master Plan for Higher Education
Elaine Alquist Paul J. Cook Carol Liu V. Manuel Perez
Marty Block Warren T. Furutani Gloria Negrete McLeod Anthony Portantino
Wilmer Amina Carter Cathleen Galgiani Jim Nielsen Roderick D. Wright
Connie Conway Loni Hancock Alex Padilla Mark Wyland

Joint Legislative Budget Committee
Mark Leno, Chair Wesley Chesbro Diane L. Harkey Jim Nielsen
Bob Blumenfield, Vice Chair Mark DeSaulnier Bob Huff Alex Padilla
Bill Berryhill Bill Emmerson Christine Kehoe Mimi Walters
Julia Brownley Felipe Fuentes Holly J. Mitchell Lois Wolk

Senate Appropriations Committee
Christine Kehoe, Chair Bill Emmerson Fran Pavley Sharon Runner
Mimi Walters, Vice Chair Ted W. Lieu Curren D. Price Darrell Steinberg
Elaine Alquist      

Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee
Mark Leno, Chair Bill Emmerson Bob Huff Michael J. Rubio
Elaine Alquist Noreen Evans Doug LaMalfa Joe Simitian
Joel Anderson Jean Fuller Carol Liu Lois Wolk
Mark DeSaulnier Loni Hancock Alan S. Lowenthal Roderick D. Wright

Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Subcommittee Number 1 on Education
Carol Liu, Chair Bob Huff Roderick D. Wright  

Senate Business, Professions, and Economic Development Committee
Curren D. Price, Chair Lou Correa Gloria Negrete McLeod Mimi Walters
Bill Emmerson, Vice Chair Ed Hernandez Juan Vargas Mark Wyland
Ellen M. Corbett      

Senate Education Committee
Alan S. Lowenthal, Chair Sam Blakeslee Carol Liu Joe Simitian
Sharon Runner, Vice Chair Loni Hancock Curren D. Price Juan Vargas
Elaine Alquist Bob Huff    

Senate Judiciary Committee
Noreen Evans, Chair Sam Blakeslee Ellen M. Corbett Mark Leno
Tom Harman, Vice Chair