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James Kenneth Hahn

The information in this biography was supplied by the subject.

James Kenneth HahnA lifelong resident of Los Angeles, Jim Hahn was elected Mayor of the City of Los Angeles in June 2001. He served Los Angeles for 16 years as City Attorney (1985-2001) and four years as City Controller (1981-1985). His record of accomplishment demonstrates his strong commitment to tackling tough issues and making real improvements in the day-to-day lives of every Los Angeles resident.

Improving the quality of life in neighborhoods is a top priority for Mayor Hahn. His goal is to make every neighborhood safe, help ensure that every child can attend a quality neighborhood school, and enhance opportunities for residents to provide guidance on how city government can improve its service to them. He has proposed a plan to empower neighborhood councils to allow residents to provide input on the city budget, city managers, and priority projects in each neighborhood.

Mayor Hahn is committed to making Los Angeles the safest big city in America. A prosecutor for 20 years, he has a comprehensive plan to recruit and retain police officers, which includes offering college scholarships to students who agree to serve in the Los Angeles Police Department after graduation, reforming the LAPD hiring process, and implementing a flexible work schedule for patrol officers.

Mayor Hahn is a strong advocate of after school programs that give kids a safe and educational place to go during after school hours. He is working to expand the nationally-recognized L.A.'s BEST after school program started by Mayor Tom Bradley, which currently offers students at 78 elementary school schools enrichment programs in computers, science, drama, math, reading, art, music, and more. In August 2001, Mayor Hahn announced the first phase of the expansion, which will bring L.A.'s BEST to 23 new schools this year.

Reducing traffic gridlock is important to Mayor Hahn. He has announced a plan to fix 25 of Los Angeles's worst intersections each year. The first 25 are expected to be completed by April 2002.

Mayor Hahn is working to make Los Angeles a more business friendly city. To encourage more entrepreneurs to locate their businesses in Los Angeles, he has proposed exempting small businesses from business taxes during their first two years of operation. The Mayor's Los Angeles Business Team is also working to help new small businesses and to assist businesses that want to relocate to Los Angeles.

Public service is a Hahn family tradition. Mayor Hahn's father, Kenneth Hahn, was elected a record ten times to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Mayor Hahn's sister, Janice Hahn, currently serves on the Los Angeles City Council where she represents the 15th Council District, which stretches from Watts to San Pedro.

Mayor Hahn, 51, grew up in South Los Angeles and attended Manchester Avenue Elementary School, Daniel Freeman Elementary School, Horace Mann Junior High School, and Lutheran High School. He received a B.A. in English and a law degree from Pepperdine University. Mayor Hahn and his wife Monica live in San Pedro with their children Karina and Jackson.

Meetings Attended:

Commission Meeting -- December 3-4, 2001