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Government Transparency


Public Records and How to Access

"Service to many leads to greatness."
      – Chinese fortune cookie

One of the Commissionís goals is to be responsive to requests and questions from the public. This website provides a wealth of information, data, and other resources about higher education in California. However, we realize that communications is a two-way process. We invite you, the public, to participate in your government.

  • Opportunities for Public Participation: The schedule of the meetings of the Commission and its committees for the current year forward. Links to the agendas of previous meetings and to a schedule showing meetings of other education boards and commissions are provided.
  • How to Participate: Ways to submit comments on items to be discussed or being discussed at a Commission meeting.
  • Public Records Guide: Guidelines for submitting requests for public records maintained by the Commission.
  • Executive Director Form 700: Statements of Economic Interest for the current Executive Director, Karen Humphrey.
  • Contact Us: The Commission's address, phone number, e-mail addresses, and a form to submit comments via the website.