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Improving Teacher Quality - Assessment & Dissemination Project

Successful proposers will work closely with Commission staff and external consultants to maximize project performance, determine outcomes, and disseminate results to the field. The staff of the Assessment & Dissemination (A & D) Project serves as a "critical friend" to each project: making site visits, providing formative feedback, and informing Commission staff's process for monitoring projects. Additionally, an A & D consultant will be assigned to work with each project's Research Director to help ensure that the research plan is consistent with project goals and implementation strategies. The goals of these efforts are to help support project success and to document and disseminate the reasons for that success.

Proposers do not need to include funding for these evaluation efforts in their budgets, as the Commission will cover these costs after funding decisions have been made. The annual A & D Project fee varies as it is calculated each year based on the number of projects in the ITQ Program's current portfolio. When the amount of the A&D assessment is determined and the project invoiced, the Commission will issue an augmentation so the fee does not have material impact on the grant award.