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Improving Teacher Quality

Math in the Early Grades (MEG)

Grant Number: 07-404

Grant Award: $944,415

Duration of Project: Monday, October 01, 2007 - Friday, September 30, 2011

Project Subject Areas: Mathematics

Grade Band: K-2

Institutes of Higher Education:

  • California State University, Chico

Local Education Agencies:

  • Red Bluff Union Elementary, Red Bluff


  • Tehama County Department of Education
  • Orland Unified School District
  • Cascade Elementary School District

Number of teachers/principals/highly qualified paraprofessionals participating in the project:



  1. Deepening K-2 teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge
  2. Enhancing teachers’ pedagogical skills
  3. Supporting student success
  4. Conducting and disseminating research that contributes to the existing research-base on effective teaching of mathematics


In the summer of 2008, MEG teachers will engage in 80 hours of mathematics professional development conducted by the Chico Mathematics Project (CMP). This will be followed by 40 hours during the following academic year. The second and third summer will see some of the teachers continuing in Teacher Institutes, while the others participate in a Summer Academy. In this academy, teachers will develop lessons and implement those lessons with summer school children. MEG will incorporate Content-Based Coaching that includes 24 hours of classroom coaching with specially trained mathematics coaches.

Anticipated Outcomes:

  • Increased confidence on part of teachers
  • Increased use of rich and appropriate mathematics in the classroom
  • Use of more effective teaching strategies
  • Improved student performance


Project: Rachelle Hackett, Research Director,
Institute of Higher Education: Lynne Bercaw, Co-Director,
Institute of Higher Education: Jorgen Berglund, Project Director,
Local Education Agency: Lisa Sandberg, LEA Co-Director,

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