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Improving Teacher Quality

Making Algebra Accessible Project (MAAP)

Grant Number: 08-502

Grant Award: $935,090

Duration of Project: Wednesday, October 01, 2008 - Sunday, September 30, 2012

Project Subject Areas: Mathematics

Grade Band: K-6

Project Websites:

Institutes of Higher Education:

  • Claremont Graduate University

Local Education Agencies:

  • Pomona Unified, Pomona


  • Pitzer College, Claremont

Number of teachers/principals/highly qualified paraprofessionals participating in the project:



The Making Algebra Accessible Project aims to:
  1. increase teachersí pedagogical content knowledge as it relates to early algebraic thinking
  2. increase student performance on state-wide mathematics assessments
  3. increase English Learnersí performance on state-wide mathematics assessments
  4. increase student success in taking and passing Algebra in later years
  5. develop professional learning communities


MAAP is 3-year professional development program that consists of the following components:
  1. onsite monthly teacher seminars
  2. monthly observations of participantsí classroom lessons
  3. summer institutes.

During the monthly seminars teachers explore the algebraic foundations that are laid during arithmetic, examine curricula for algebraic reasoning opportunities, and analyze videotaped classroom segments focused on children's mathematical work. Summer institutes focus on providing teachers the opportunity to engage in mathematical activities as learners and to connect their mathematical work to the K-6 mathematics curriculum.

Anticipated Outcomes:

Anticipated outcomes include:
  • increased teacher mathematical content knowledge, as measured through Learning Mathematics for Teaching (LMT) surveys
  • improved student achievement, as measured through statewide achievement tests and student assessments
  • reduction in the districtwide achievement gap between white students and students of color

Longer term anticipated outcomes include

  • increased passing rates in 8th grade algebra and on high-school exit exams


Institute of Higher Education: Stacy Brown, Project Director/RD,
Institute of Higher Education: Wayne Snyder, Co-Director,
Local Education Agency: Stephanie Baker , LEA Co-Director,

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