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Improving Teacher Quality

Teacher-Initiated Inquiry Projects (TIIP)

Grant Number: 09-T600

Grant Award: $1,010,000

Duration of Project: Friday, September 25, 2009 - Sunday, September 30, 2012

Project Subject Areas: Open

Grade Band: Open

Project Websites:

Institutes of Higher Education:

  • University of California, Los Angeles, School of Education/Center X

Local Education Agencies:

  • Los Angeles Unified, Los Angeles, LD #4


  • University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Division of Social Sciences

Number of teachers/principals/highly qualified paraprofessionals participating in the project:



  • To meet Fellows' needs for content knowledge
  • To expand Fellows' repertoire of pedagogical strategies
  • To assist Fellows in assessing their own development through analysis of student work
  • To develop Fellows into skilled presenters who can disseminate their learning within their schools, in the region, and beyond
  • To begin to effect school reform through the creation of teams of teachers devoted to improvement
  • To increase the research knowledge base of successful elements of a teacher-based professional development program


T-BAR activities will commence with development and dissemination of a detailed application and recruitment materials throughout Los Angeles County followed by the selection of teams of Fellows by Subject Matter Project (CSMP) directors.
Year One for the Fellows will include a regional meeting; collaboration between CSMPs and teams to ensure access to needed resources, including readings and opportunities to confer with professors and other content and pedagogy experts; development of teacher products (lessons, etc,); analysis of resulting student work; and on-line documentation of team characteristics and activities.
During Year Two, Fellows will continue those activities and add development of dissemination plans with guidance from the CSMPs' knowledge base of presentation skills and opportunities and posting of materials developed on the Center X website as well as plans for continuation of work within Fellows' schools (expansion of teams, scheduling common conference periods to allow on-going planning, etc.). Through the conclusion of the grant period, we will collaborate with the evaluator to gather needed input from Fellows and to disseminate results.

Anticipated Outcomes:

  • Increased teacher knowledge of content and pedagogical strategies
  • Teachers trained in self-assessment through evaluation of student work and test results
  • Creation of groups of skilled presenters
  • Improved teacher retention due to increased in-school support
  • Expansion of the professional knowledge based re: collaborative teacher-based professional development


Project: Marv Alkin, Research Director,
Project: Nicole Gerardi, Co-Research Director,
Institute of Higher Education: Emma Hipolito , Project Director,
Institute of Higher Education: Reynaldo Macias, Co-Director,
Local Education Agency: Lupe Inabu , LEA Co-Director,

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