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Improving Teacher Quality - 2009: Closing the Achievement Gap in Middle Schools Grant Awards

The goal of the 2009 Achievement Gap Initiative is to implement teacher-based, whole-school professional development plans aimed at improving the performance of students in California high-need middle schools. Proposers for the 2009 initiative, projects were asked to target middle school level (grades 6-8), with the option to work with other grade levels if they are taught in the same school or schools. The professional development for the proposal focused on the achievement gap as it exists within each school, with activities designed to improve the learning of the prevalent low-achieving groups, including cultural competency and culturally relevant instruction, English Language Development (ELD) strategies for students with limited English, and other strategies for differentiating teaching according to the needs of a diverse student population.

In order to preserve the 2008 focus on institutional change at the school level, it is expected that projects at each school under the current initiative will: 1) provide professional development to all teachers in at least one whole department (such as Science, Math, or Language Arts); 2) involve teachers from more than one department (for instance, Math and Language Arts); and 3) involve the principal of each school as a leader of instructional change at the whole-school level.

  • 09-605 - Middle School Literacy Achievement in Health, Math, and Science MSLAHMS
  • 09-606 - Reading Plus Writing Equals Science Success
  • 09-607 - Student Improvement Through Teacher Empowerment (SITTE)
  • 09-608 - Getting to the Core of the Content: Organizing Learning to Close the Gap
  • 09-609 - CAGiSM- Closing the Achievement Gap in Science and Mathematics
  • 09-610 - Inland Area TEAMS