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Improving Teacher Quality - 2010: K-12 Teacher Professional Development Initiative Grant Awards

This was an "open" competition in terms of grade levels, delivery methods and subject areas. For this year's competition, grantees were asked to center their proposals on the needs of the school district, its teachers and students, and the resources of its college and university partners. Specifically, grantees were asked to refer to the California Department of Education's Closing the Achievement Gap: Report of Superintendent Jack O'Connell's P-16 Council recommendations published in January 2008. The purpose of the report remains "to develop, implement, and sustain a specific, ambitious plan that holds the State of California accountable for creating the conditions necessary for closing the achievement gap."
  • 10-702 - Science Writing Impacts Real Learning (SWIRL)
  • 10-703 - Evidence-Based, Quality Professional Development in Algebra for Learners' Success (EQALS)
  • 10-704 - Strategic Alliance II
  • 10-705 - Integrating Academic Literacy to Close the Achievement Gap
  • 10-706 - Bringing Language and Science Together in Tulare (BLASTT)
  • 10-707 - Core-Area Literacy and Academic Success for Students (CLASS)
  • 10-708 - Fremont Achievement in Mathematics for Excellence
  • 10-709 - Collaborative Approach to Learning: Bridging Language and Science Teaching
  • 10-710 - The Teaching Artist Project
  • 10-711 - Closing the Achievement Gap Write Now