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Improving Teacher Quality - Teacher-Based Reform (T-BAR) Pilot Program

The goal of the Commission's Teacher-Based Reform (T-BAR) Pilot Program is to provide an entrepreneurial aspect that allows the knowledge and skills of K-12 teacher teams to collaboratively assess their own needs and design good professional development that meets those needs, with the assistance of university experts. The T-BAR grants will partner university faculty from two distinct departments with their partner school(s) to improve the effectiveness and content knowledge of K-12 school teachers thereby improving student performance. The Master grantees will administer the T-BAR Pilot program in their regions.
  • 09-T600 - Teacher-Initiated Inquiry Projects (TIIP)
  • 09-T601 - Pacific Coast Teacher-Based Reform Initiative (PCTBRI)
  • 10-T700 - South Counties Reform Initiative Benefiting Educators and Students (SCRIBES)
  • 10-T701 - Teacher PD-INC

The RFP states, "In 1994, CPEC issued a special request for proposals targeted directly at K-12 teachers that said: 'This program recognizes that many outstanding teachers in California's public and private schools have creative and innovative ideas for enriching teaching and learning in their classrooms and/or schools. Funding to put these ideas into practice is limited and not usually available for most classroom teachers. This program's goal is to provide classroom teachers with 'seed monies' for making their ideas a reality in their schools.' By linking professional development directly to school-based projects, the Teacher Academic Achievement Program (TAAP) was able to capitalize on each of these principles: recipients only proposed activities in which they were interested; because of their interest, they were willing to seek out and master challenging material, enabling them to improve their teaching and successfully complete their projects. The T-BAR project has three major goals:

  1. To provide support to teams of teachers in support of school reform;
  2. To scale up the original TAAP program with a more efficient, regional approach to program administration;
  3. To supplement that administration with a rigorous research program focused on teacher-based school reform.
The Master grantees are as follows: T-BAR Project Contacts