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California County Comparison - Fiscal, Economics, and Population - Graphs

Advanced Degree Recipients


Percent of population 25 years and over who have earned an advanced degree, 2008.

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24% - Marin County: 23.8% San Francisco County: 20.8% Santa Clara County: 19.6% Yolo County: 19.0% Santa Cruz County: 16.9% San Mateo County: 16.7% Alameda County: 16.1% Santa Barbara County: 14.2% Contra Costa County: 13.7% San Diego County: 12.9% Orange County: 12.3% San Luis Obispo County: 11.6% Sonoma County: 11.0% California State Average: 10.8% Napa County: 10.6% Ventura County: 10.5% Los Angeles County: 9.9% Nevada County: 9.6% Placer County: 9.6% Monterey County: 9.1% Mendocino County: 8.9% Sacramento County: 8.7% Humboldt County: 8.4% El Dorado County: 8.2% Butte County: 7.5% Solano County: 6.8% Riverside County: 6.4% Fresno County: 6.0% San Bernardino County: 6.0% Shasta County: 5.7% Merced County: 5.3% Lake County: 5.0% Stanislaus County: 5.0% Imperial County: 4.6% San Joaquin County: 4.5% Sutter County: 4.5% Kern County: 4.4% Madera County: 4.2% Tulare County: 3.9% Yuba County: 3.1% Kings County: 2.9%  
18% -
12% -
6% -

Marin County

San Francisco County

Santa Clara County

Yolo County

Santa Cruz County

San Mateo County

Alameda County

Santa Barbara County

Contra Costa County

San Diego County

Orange County

San Luis Obispo County

Sonoma County

California State Average

Napa County

Ventura County

Los Angeles County

Nevada County

Placer County

Monterey County

Mendocino County

Sacramento County

Humboldt County

El Dorado County

Butte County

Solano County

Riverside County

Fresno County

San Bernardino County

Shasta County

Merced County

Lake County

Stanislaus County

Imperial County

San Joaquin County

Sutter County

Kern County

Madera County

Tulare County

Yuba County

Kings County

CA Reference Color State Average
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Not all counties are included in the data from the Census Bureau.

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Source of Data: U.S. Census Bureau American FactFinder
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