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Workforce Snapshots - Jobs and Education in California

Workforce Snapshots shows the highest paying and highest growth jobs in California. You can find the highest paying or highest growth jobs for a particular degree level (or no degree) and find out what type of education and skills you need for a particular job. On average, higher education levels lead to higher pay. See the Median Income by Educational Attainment page for average earnings for people with various levels of education for California and the nation as a whole. Follow the links at the bottom of that page to see how this data changes for other states and for select counties in California.

Visit our School To Employment Pathways System (STEPS). STEPS provides additional information about the links between a degree program and an occupation, types of degrees leading to an occupation, institutions offering a degree program, information about occupations, the number of degrees awarded in the most recent year, and more.

The results only show part of the picture. Visit our Postsecondary Education Value page to explore another important reason to obtain a degree.

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  The top 20 jobs for this degree level by ordered by wage.
  All the jobs for this degree level ordered by Wage.
  The top 20 jobs for this degree level by ordered by Growth.
  All the jobs for this degree level by ordered by Growth.

Commission Publications

The Commission has published a number of publications about Workforce and Occupations.
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