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School To Employment Pathways System (STEPS)

Degree/Course of Study
Extended List: Precision Production

Look through the extended list of degrees/courses of study to see degree options within the field you are currently considering. Viewing specific options may help you to refine your choice of degree.

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Degree/Course of Study
48.0800 -  Boilermaking/Boilermaker
48.0801 -  Boilermaking/Boilermaker -  Match to Occupations
48.0703 -  Cabinetmaking and Millwork/Millwright -  Match to Occupations
48.0702 -  Furniture Design and Manufacturing -  Match to Occupations
48.0509 -  Ironworking/Ironworker -  Match to Occupations
48.0300 -  Leatherworking and Upholstery
48.0399 -  Leatherworking and Upholstery, Other -  Match to Occupations
48.0503 -  Machine Shop Technology/Assistant -  Match to Occupations
48.0501 -  Machine Tool Technology/Machinist -  Match to Occupations
48.0500 -  Precision Metal Working
48.0599 -  Precision Metal Working, Other -  Match to Occupations
48.0000 -  Precision Production Trades, General -  Match to Occupations
48.9900 -  Precision Production, Other
48.9999 -  Precision Production, Other -  Match to Occupations
48.0506 -  Sheet Metal Technology/Sheetworking -  Match to Occupations
48.0304 -  Shoe, Boot and Leather Repair -  Match to Occupations
48.0507 -  Tool and Die Technology/Technician -  Match to Occupations
48.0303 -  Upholstery/Upholsterer -  Match to Occupations
48.0508 -  Welding Technology/Welder -  Match to Occupations
48.0700 -  Woodworking
48.0701 -  Woodworking, General -  Match to Occupations
48.0799 -  Woodworking, Other -  Match to Occupations

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