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Extended List: Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations

Scroll through the expanded list here for the occupation you selected. Click the Match to Degrees link next to each occupational title to view the occupation matched to the degrees and openings in that field. The minimum degree level and number of degrees is displayed on that page as well.

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Reorder this list by Name.

35-1011  -  Chefs & Head Cooks  -  Match to Degrees
35-1012  -  First-Line Supervisors/Managers of Food Preparation & Serving Workers  -  Match to Degrees
35-2010  -  Cooks
35-2011  -  Cooks, Fast Food  -  Match to Degrees
35-2012  -  Cooks, Institution & Cafeteria  -  Match to Degrees
35-2014  -  Cooks, Restaurant  -  Match to Degrees
35-2015  -  Cooks, Short Order  -  Match to Degrees
35-2019  -  Cooks, All Other  -  Match to Degrees
35-2021  -  Food Preparation Workers  -  Match to Degrees
35-3011  -  Bartenders  -  Match to Degrees
35-3021  -  Combined Food Preparation & Serving Workers, Including Fast Food  -  Match to Degrees
35-3022  -  Counter Attendants, Cafeteria, Food Concession, & Coffee Shop  -  Match to Degrees
35-3031  -  Waiters & Waitresses  -  Match to Degrees
35-3041  -  Food Servers, Nonrestaurant  -  Match to Degrees
35-9011  -  Dining Room & Cafeteria Attendants & Bartender Helpers  -  Match to Degrees
35-9021  -  Dishwashers  -  Match to Degrees
35-9031  -  Hosts & Hostesses, Restaurant, Lounge, & Coffee Shop  -  Match to Degrees
35-9099  -  All Other Food Preparation & Serving Related Workers  -  Match to Degrees

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