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Geographic Information

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Alameda County

•   Alameda County
•   Alameda County Law Library
•   Alameda County Library
•   Alameda County Office of Education
•   Berkeley City College
•   California State University, East Bay
•   Chabot College
•   College of Alameda
•   Unitek College
•   University of California Berkeley EAOP
•   University of California Office of the President
•   University of California, Berkeley

Alpine County

•   Alpine County
•   Alpine County Library
•   Alpine County Office of Education

Amador County

•   Amador County
•   Amador County Library
•   Amador County Unified School District
•   Amador Unified School District

Butte County

•   Butte Community College
•   Butte County
•   Butte County Library
•   Butte County Office of Education
•   Butte County Public Law Library
•   California State University, Chico

Calaveras County

•   Calaveras County
•   Calaveras County Library System
•   Calaveras County Office of Education

Colusa County

•   Colusa County
•   Colusa County Library
•   Colusa County Office of Education

Contra Costa County

•   Contra Costa County
•   Contra Costa County Library
•   Contra Costa County Office of Education
•   Contra Costa County Public Law Library

Del Norte County

•   Del Norte County
•   Del Norte County Library
•   Del Norte County Unified School District

El Dorado County

•   El Dorado County
•   El Dorado County Library
•   El Dorado County Office of Education

Fresno County

•   California State University, Fresno
•   Fresno County
•   Fresno County Office of Education
•   Fresno County Public Law Library
•   Fresno County Public Library

Glenn County

•   Glenn County
•   Glenn County Library
•   Glenn County Office of Education

Humboldt County

•   Humboldt County
•   Humboldt County Office of Education
•   Humboldt County Public Library
•   Humboldt State University

Imperial County

•   Imperial County
•   Imperial County Free Library
•   Imperial County Office of Education

Inyo County

•   Inyo County
•   Inyo County Office of Education

Kern County

•   Bakersfield College
•   California State University, Bakersfield
•   Kern County
•   Kern County Law Library
•   Kern County Library
•   Kern County Superintendent of Schools

Kings County

•   Kings County
•   Kings County Library
•   Kings County Office of Education

Lake County

•   Lake County
•   Lake County Office of Education
•   Lake County Public Library

Lassen County

•   Big Valley Joint Unified School District
•   Lassen County
•   Lassen County Library
•   Lassen County Office of Education

Los Angeles County

•   Antelope Valley College
•   California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
•   California State University Office of the Chancellor
•   California State University, Dominguez Hills
•   California State University, Long Beach
•   California State University, Los Angeles
•   California State University, Northridge
•   California Trinity University
•   Cerritos College
•   Citrus College
•   Claremont McKenna College
•   Compton Unified School District
•   Kingston University
•   Los Angeles County
•   Los Angeles County Law Library
•   Los Angeles County Office of Education
•   Los Angeles County Public Library
•   Mayfield College
•   St. Luke University
•   University of California, Los Angeles
•   University of Central California

Madera County

•   Madera County
•   Madera County Library
•   Madera County Office of Education

Marin County

•   College of Marin
•   Marin County
•   Marin County Library
•   Marin County Office of Education
•   Novato Unified School District

Mariposa County

•   Mariposa County
•   Mariposa County Library
•   Mariposa County Office of Education

Mendocino County

•   Mendocino County
•   Mendocino County Law Library
•   Mendocino County Library
•   Mendocino County Office of Education

Merced County

•   Merced County
•   Merced County Law Library
•   Merced County Library
•   Merced County Office of Education
•   University of California, Merced

Modoc County

•   Modoc County
•   Modoc County Library
•   Modoc County Office of Education

Mono County

•   Mono County
•   Mono County Libraries
•   Mono County Office of Education

Monterey County

•   California State University, Monterey Bay
•   Monterey County
•   Monterey County Free Libraries
•   Monterey County Law Library
•   Monterey County Office of Education

Napa County

•   Napa County
•   Napa County Library
•   Napa County Office of Education

Nevada County

•   Nevada County
•   Nevada County Law Library
•   Nevada County Library
•   Nevada County Superintendent of Schools

Orange County

•   California State University, Fullerton
•   Coastline Community College
•   Orange County
•   Orange County Department of Education
•   Orange County Public Law Library
•   Orange County Public Library
•   University of California, Irvine

Placer County

•   Placer County
•   Placer County Library
•   Placer County Office of Education
•   Roseville City School District

Plumas County

•   Plumas County
•   Plumas County Library
•   Plumas County Office of Education

Riverside County

•   Moreno Valley College
•   Norco College
•   Riverside County
•   Riverside County Law Library
•   Riverside County Library System
•   Riverside County Office of Education
•   University of California, Riverside

Sacramento County

•   American River College
•   California Community Colleges System Office
•   California State University, Sacramento
•   Center for Strategic Economic Research (CSER)
•   Drexel University-Sacramento
•   Institute for Higher Education Leadership & Policy, CSUS
•   Sacramento County
•   Sacramento County Office of Education
•   Sacramento County Public Law Library
•   Sacramento Public Library

San Benito County

•   San Benito County
•   San Benito County Free Library
•   San Benito County Office of Education

San Bernardino County

•   Barstow College
•   California State University, San Bernardino
•   Chaffey College
•   Mt. Baldy Joint School District
•   Needles Unified School District
•   San Bernardino County
•   San Bernardino County Law Library
•   San Bernardino County Library
•   San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools

San Diego County

•   California College San Diego
•   California State University, San Marcos
•   San Diego County
•   San Diego County Library
•   San Diego County Office of Education
•   San Diego State University
•   Southwestern College
•   University of California, San Diego

San Francisco County

•   Argosy University - San Francisco
•   City College of San Francisco
•   San Francisco County
•   San Francisco Law Library
•   San Francisco Public Library
•   San Francisco State University
•   San Francisco Unified School District
•   University of California, San Francisco

San Joaquin County

•   Lincoln Unified School District (San Joaquin County)
•   San Joaquin County
•   San Joaquin County Library
•   San Joaquin County Office of Education

San Luis Obispo County

•   California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
•   San Luis Obispo County
•   San Luis Obispo County Law Library
•   San Luis Obispo County Library
•   San Luis Obispo County Office of Education

San Mateo County

•   Caņada College
•   College of San Mateo
•   San Mateo County
•   San Mateo County Law Library
•   San Mateo County Library
•   San Mateo County Office of Education

Santa Barbara County

•   Allan Hancock College
•   Santa Barbara County
•   Santa Barbara County Education Office
•   Santa Barbara County Law Library
•   Santa Barbara County Public Library
•   University of California, Santa Barbara

Santa Clara County

•   San Jose State University
•   Santa Clara County
•   Santa Clara County Law Library
•   Santa Clara County Library
•   Santa Clara County Office of Education

Santa Cruz County

•   Cabrillo College
•   Santa Cruz County
•   Santa Cruz County Law Library
•   Santa Cruz County Office of Education
•   Santa Cruz Public Libraries
•   University of California, Santa Cruz

Shasta County

•   Shasta County
•   Shasta County Library
•   Shasta County Office of Education

Sierra County

•   Sierra County
•   Sierra County Office of Education

Siskiyou County

•   Siskiyou County
•   Siskiyou County Library
•   Siskiyou County Office of Education

Solano County

•   California Maritime Academy
•   Solano County
•   Solano County Library
•   Solano County Office of Education

Sonoma County

•   Sonoma County
•   Sonoma County Library
•   Sonoma County Office of Education
•   Sonoma County Public Law Library
•   Sonoma State University
•   West Side Union School District (Sonoma County)

Stanislaus County

•   California State University, Stanislaus
•   Stanislaus County
•   Stanislaus County Law Library
•   Stanislaus County Library
•   Stanislaus County Office of Education

Sutter County

•   Sutter County
•   Sutter County Library
•   Sutter County Superintendent of Schools

Tehama County

•   Tehama County
•   Tehama County Department of Education
•   Tehama County Library

Trinity County

•   Trinity County
•   Trinity County Office of Education

Tulare County

•   Tulare County
•   Tulare County Law Library
•   Tulare County Library
•   Tulare County Office of Education

Tuolumne County

•   Summerville Elementary School District
•   Tuolumne County
•   Tuolumne County Library
•   Tuolumne County Office of Education

Ventura County

•   Ventura County
•   Ventura County Law Library
•   Ventura County Library
•   Ventura County Superintendent of Schools Office

Yolo County

•   University of California, Davis
•   Yolo County
•   Yolo County Library
•   Yolo County Office of Education

Yuba County

•   Yuba County
•   Yuba County Library
•   Yuba County Office of Education

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