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Data Element Dictionary

Student Level
Format: Character - Size 2
Description: A code to represent the student level. More information can be found in the Glossary.
Coding:   05 = Concurrent High School
  10 = Lower Division (Undergraduate)
  11 = Freshman (Undergraduate)
  12 = Sophomore (Undergraduate)
  15 = Special Student (Undergraduate)
  20 = Upper Division (Undergraduate)
  21 = Junior (Undergraduate)
  22 = Senior (Undergraduate)
  25 = Limited Student (Undergraduate)
  31 = Unclassified Undergraduate (Undergraduate)
  32 = Post-Baccalaureate (Graduate)
  37 = Teaching Credential Student (Graduate)
  41 = Masters (Graduate)
  42 = Graduate I (Graduate)
  43 = Graduate II (Graduate)
  44 = Graduate Ia (Degree-Seeking) (Graduate)
  45 = Graduate Ib (Non-Degree Seek) (Graduate)
  51 = First Professional (Graduate)
  61 = Further Professional (Graduate)
  71 = Intern or Resident
  81 = Co-Terminal
  99 = Unknown Student Level
  AA = AA/AS Recipient Returning to College (Undergraduate)
  BA = BA/BS Recipient Returning to College (Undergraduate)
  GR = Graduate (Graduate)
  UD = Degree-Seeking Undergraduate (Undergraduate)
  UG = Undergraduate (Undergraduate)
Table: Description of the table defining this element.

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