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The Commission Data Element Dictionary (DED) defines the basic organization of the Commission database. The DED contains a list of tables, the relationship between the tables, and it lists and defines the names and types of each field (element or column) collected and stored in the Commission database.


Student / Faculty Characteristics
Ethnicity Dictionary Cross-Walk
Combined Ethnicity Dictionary Cross-Walk
Gender Dictionary Cross-Walk
Age Category Dictionary  
Disability Dictionary  
Disability Group Dictionary  
Student / Faculty Supporting Tables Descriptions  
Enrollment and Transfer Data
Student Level Dictionary  
Enrollment Status Dictionary  
Full/Part-Time Status Dictionary  
Program Code Dictionary  
Enrollment and Transfer Supporting Tables Descriptions  
Degree Data
Degree Type Dictionary Cross-Walk
CIP Code, 2-Digit Dictionary  
CIP Code, 4-Digit Dictionary  
CIP Code, 6-Digit (with STEM and CTE indicators) Dictionary  
CTE Disciplines Dictionary  
STEM Classification Dictionary  
STEM Disciplines Dictionary  
Degree Supporting Tables Descriptions  
Institution Characteristics
System Dictionary  
School Type Dictionary  
School Ownership Dictionary Cross-Walk
District Ownership Dictionary  
School Status Dictionary  
Calendar System Dictionary  
Profit Status Dictionary  
Religious Affiliation Dictionary  
IPEDS Sector Dictionary  
Carnegie Classification (2000) Dictionary  
Carnegie Classification (1994) Dictionary  
Institution Supporting Tables Descriptions  
Geographic Data
Counties Dictionary Cross-Walk
Regions Dictionary Cross-Walk
States Dictionary Cross-Walk
Area Type Dictionary  
Geographic Supporting Tables Descriptions  
Table Descriptions
Enrollment and Transfer Tables Descriptions  
Degree Tables Descriptions  
K-12 Data Tables Descriptions  
IPEDS Data Tables Descriptions  
All Supporting Tables Descriptions  
Degree Supporting Tables Descriptions  
Enrollment and Transfer Supporting Tables Descriptions  
Geographic Supporting Tables Descriptions  
Institution Supporting Tables Descriptions  
IPEDS Supporting Tables Descriptions  
Student / Faculty Supporting Tables Descriptions  

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