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Data Element Cross-Walk

County Code
County_Code County_Name Region_code Region_name FIPS Code Milepost Hist Region CDE Code CDE Region
01AlamedaESan Francisco Bay001ALA0304Region 4
02AlpineDSacramento-Tahoe003ALP0403Region 3
03AmadorDSacramento-Tahoe005AMA0406Region 6
04ButteCUpper Sacramento Valley007BUT0102Region 2
05CalaverasHNorth San Joaquin Valley009CAL0406Region 6
06ColusaCUpper Sacramento Valley011COL0103Region 3
07Contra CostaESan Francisco Bay013CC0304Region 4
08Del NorteANorth Coast015DN0101Region 1
09El DoradoDSacramento-Tahoe017ED0203Region 3
10FresnoHNorth San Joaquin Valley019FRE0507Region 7
11GlennCUpper Sacramento Valley021GLE0102Region 2
12HumboldtANorth Coast023HUM0101Region 1
13ImperialQSan Diego-Imperial025IMP1109Region 9
14InyoKInyo-Mono027INY0510Region 10
15KernJSouth San Joaquin Valley029KER0508Region 8
16KingsJSouth San Joaquin Valley031KIN0507Region 7
17LakeANorth Coast033LAK0101Region 1
18LassenBSuperior California035LAS0102Region 2
19Los AngelesMLos Angeles037LA0811Region 11
20MaderaHNorth San Joaquin Valley039MAD0407Region 7
21MarinESan Francisco Bay041MRN0304Region 4
22MariposaHNorth San Joaquin Valley043MPA0407Region 7
23MendocinoANorth Coast045MEN0101Region 1
24MercedHNorth San Joaquin Valley047MER0407Region 7
25ModocBSuperior California049MOD0102Region 2
26MonoKInyo-Mono051MNO0410Region 10
27MontereyFMonterey Bay053MON0605Region 5
28NapaESan Francisco Bay055NAP0304Region 4
29NevadaDSacramento-Tahoe057NEV0103Region 3
30OrangeNOrange County059ORA0909Region 9
31PlacerDSacramento-Tahoe061PLA0203Region 3
32PlumasCUpper Sacramento Valley063PLU0102Region 2
33RiversidePInland Empire065RIV1010Region 10
34SacramentoDSacramento-Tahoe067SAC0203Region 3
35San BenitoFMonterey Bay069SBT0605Region 5
36San BernardinoPInland Empire071SBD1010Region 10
37San DiegoQSan Diego-Imperial073SD1109Region 9
38San FranciscoESan Francisco Bay075SF0304Region 4
39San JoaquinHNorth San Joaquin Valley077SJ0406Region 6
40San Luis ObispoGCentral Coast079SLO0708Region 8
41San MateoESan Francisco Bay081SM0304Region 4
42Santa BarbaraGCentral Coast083SB0708Region 8
43Santa ClaraESan Francisco Bay085SCL0305Region 5
44Santa CruzFMonterey Bay087SCR0605Region 5
45ShastaBSuperior California089SHA0102Region 2
46SierraCUpper Sacramento Valley091SIE0103Region 3
47SiskiyouBSuperior California093SIS0102Region 2
48SolanoESan Francisco Bay095SOL0304Region 4
49SonomaESan Francisco Bay097SON0301Region 1
50StanislausHNorth San Joaquin Valley099STA0406Region 6
51SutterDSacramento-Tahoe101SUT0103Region 3
52TehamaCUpper Sacramento Valley103TEH0102Region 2
53TrinityBSuperior California105TRI0102Region 2
54TulareJSouth San Joaquin Valley107TUL0507Region 7
55TuolumneHNorth San Joaquin Valley109TUO0406Region 6
56VenturaGCentral Coast111VEN0708Region 8
57YoloDSacramento-Tahoe113YOL0203Region 3
58YubaDSacramento-Tahoe115YUB0103Region 3
99UnknownZUnknown Region999ZZZ9999Unknown Region
Dictionary: Definition of this data element.
Table: Description of the table defining this element.

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