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Data Element Cross-Walk

Ethnicode Eth Title Comb Ethnicode Comb EthnicTitle UC Code CSU Code CCC Code IPEDS Code CBEDS Code CSIS Code CDE Code
10Non-Resident Alien 8NonRes Alien   1   
20Black 2Black B2B.26600B
30Native American 5Nat Amer A1N.31100I
40Asian 1Asian/Pac Is 5A.42 A
41Japanese 1Asian/Pac IsGJAJ4 202 
42Chinese 1Asian/Pac IsDCAC4 201 
43Korean 1Asian/Pac IsHKAK4 203 
44Cambodian 1Asian/Pac Is MAM4 207 
45Laotian 1Asian/Pac Is LAL4 206 
46Vietnamese 1Asian/Pac IsVVAV4 204 
47Asian Indian 1Asian/Pac IsFRAI4 205 
48Thai 1Asian/Pac Is TAX4   
49Other Asians 1Asian/Pac IsNSAX4 299 
4AHmong 1Asian/Pac Is   4 208 
50Pacific Islanders 1Asian/Pac IsM P.43 P
51Hawaiian 1Asian/Pac Is HPH4 301 
52Guamanian 1Asian/Pac Is GPG4 302 
53Samoan 1Asian/Pac Is NPS4 303 
54Tahitian 1Asian/Pac Is  PX4 304 
59Other Pacific Island 1Asian/Pac Is 6PX4 399 
60Latino 4Latino J4H.55500H
61Mexican 4Latino C3HM5   
62Central American 4Latino  AHR5   
63South American 4Latino  BHS5   
64Cuban 4Latino  QHX5   
65Puerto Rican 4Latino  PHX5   
69Other Hispanic 4Latino   HX5   
70White 7White P7W.67700W
80Filipino 3Filipino LFF.44400F
90No Response 9No Response  9X.78 M
91Declined to State 9No Response EDXD70999 
99Other Ethnic 6Other K8O.7   
Dictionary: Definition of this data element.
Table: Description of the table defining this element.

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