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Many of the pre-configured reports located throughout the website are produced from the same set of tables used in the Custom Data Report System. The Commission has had numerous requests over the years for instructions on how to replicate the numbers found on these pages which have been individually answered. We are now making these instructions available on the Internet. For some reports, the data will need to be manipulated after the full report has been generated. For example, the college-going rates exclude students with unknown genders and ethnicities. To match the numbers on the pre-configured page, these data must be deleted from the results.

E-Mail As always, the Commission is interested in your feedback on this new feature. Any comments, questions, or suggestions are welcome; send to or fill out the Comments form.

Information For those who use the Custom Data Report system for a specific report on an annual or semi-annual basis and would like instructions available, send the description of the report from the page showing the generated data. We will include them in these instructions.

Instructions These instructions assume that you have some familiarity with how the Custom Data Report System works and some experience using a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or a database program such as Microsoft Access to manipulate the downloaded data. Information about how to use the Custom Data Report System can be found in the Instructions and in the step-by-step walk through of an example report.

Instructions for the following data reports are currently available:


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Visit Reproduce Pre-Configured Report for available instructions.

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See Citing Information on the Terms of Use page for some suggestions.

See something weird?

Known problems and notes about the data are documented on the Caveats page. Please let us know if you notice something that is not included. Send an e-mail to or fill out the Comments form.