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High School Characteristics and Outreach Programs

Search for California public high schools and obtain a variety of information including:
  • General Characteristics
  • List of Outreach Programs
  • State API ranking
  • Enrollment by Gender and Ethnicity
  • SAT and ACT indicators
  • List of College Destinations
Many of these data are not available for private high schools. Visit Freshmen Pathways for public or private high schools not listed here.

To see the average college-going rate aggregated by API rank, visit College-Going Rates by API Rank.

Enter key words in any of the boxes or select other statistics from the drop-down lists. The more information you enter, the fewer results will be returned. For more information regarding outreach programs, visit

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See the Glossary for more information on the selections.

The Commission obtains the list of schools from the California Department of Education. Some school or district names do not have the words High School after the school name. Therefore, do not include these words when searching for a school or district. For example, if you want to find Santa Monica High School, enter Santa Monica.

General Information
School Characteristics
Student Characteristics
Teacher Characteristics
Additional Search Parameters



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