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From this list, a topical bibliography can be generated of the publications of the California Postsecondary Education Commission from its creation in 1974 to the present and of its predecessor California's Coordinating Council for Higher Education over its existence from 1962 until 1974. There are currently 1,308 publications available.

Many recent publications of the Commission are available on request, and single copies of most of them are available without charge. For most publications from 1989 through present, a summary is available on line. In addition, the full text of some publications is also available. Select the Summary or the Full Publication link to view.

To select multiple topics, click on the box in front of the topics wanted and then click on the Get Listing Button. Single topics can be chosen by clicking on the text or by using the checkbox. Selecting "All Publications Sorted by Topic" will override any other topic selections.

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Budgeting and Financing of Higher Education
The Commission's biennial Fiscal Profiles report and other reports on funding and budgeting of higher education.

College Guide
Publications about postsecondary institutions in California.

College-going and Preparation for Higher Education
Reports and fact sheets on college-going patterns. Reports on university outreach programs for students at high school. Reports on issues related to graduation from high school.

Commission Operations
Reports on the Commission's higher education data system and other Commission operations. Director's reports from the Commission's quarterly meetings.

Eligibility for UC and CSU, Admission Policies
Fact sheets and reports on university eligibility and admissions. Eligibility studies done by the Commission to estimate the percentage of high school graduates eligible for UC and CSU.

Enrollment Demand and Capacity Analysis
The Commission's enrollment projections. Reports on long-range planning issues.

Enrollments and Degrees Awarded
Reports and fact sheets on enrollments. The Commission's annual Student Profiles series of reports.

Equity, Access, and College Preparation
Reports on issues regarding equity and access to higher education by race/ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, or student disabilities. Also reports on access to higher education based on K-12 preparation, high school API, and the availability of college outreach programs.

Facilities Review
Reviews of proposals for new college and university campuses and off-campus centers.

Faculty Salaries, Executive Compensation, Faculty and Staff Issues

Fees, Tuition, Costs and Financial Aid
Commission studies on the affordability of higher education. Reports and fact sheets on student fees and financial aid.

Improving Teacher Quality Grants Program
Reports on grants for teacher professional development in the Improving Teacher Quality State Grants Program and the former Eisenhower grants program.

Master Plan for Higher Education
The state's 1960 Master Plan for Higher Education. Updates and Reviews of the Master Plan

Performance of Higher Education
Reports on a variety of topics assessing how well California's higher education systems are meeting the needs of the public.

Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Reports on issues related to vocational education and accreditation of private colleges.

Program Review
Reviews of proposals by UC, CSU and community colleges, for new educational programs.

State and Federal Legislation
The Commission's quarterly updates on the progress of state legislation. Reports on federal issues and federal legislation.

Student Progress and Success
Reports on college and university graduation rates, time-to-degree, and student persistence in higher education.

Student Transfer
Reports and fact sheets about transfer from community colleges to 4-year universities.

Workforce and Occupations
Reports looking at the match between higher education and the needs of the labor market. Reports on issues related to high-demand occupations, such as nursing and teaching.

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contact the Commission's Publications Unit at (916) 445-1000 or
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Publications that are out of print are also available at
the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)
or the California State Library.

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