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Commission Reports

  • 77-1 Planning for Postsecondary Education in California: A Five-Year Plan Update, 1977-82 (1/1977) (Out of print)

  • 77-2 Community College Education in Orange County, California: The Challenge of Growth in an Era of Limits (3/1977) (Out of print)

  • 77-3 Financial Support for the California Community Colleges (6/1977) (Out of print)

  • 77-4 Equal Educational Opportunity in California Postsecondary Education: Part II (6/1977) (Out of print)

  • 77-5 Methods of Two-Year College Finance in Selected States: Supplement to 77-3 (6/1977) (Out of print)

  • 77-6 California Independent Colleges and Universities: Current Fund Revenue and Expenditure Analysis, by John Minter Associates (7/1977) (Out of print)

  • 77-7 Directory of California Colleges and Universities, 1977 (10/1977) (Out of print)

  • 77-8 Inventory of Academic and Occupational Programs in California Colleges and Universities, 1977 (10/1977) (Out of print)

  • 77-9 Educational Brokering in California (10/1977) (Out of print)

  • 77-A Information Digest, 1977 (3/1977) (Out of print)

  • 77-B Annual Report, 1977 (4/1977) (Out of print)

  • 77-C Faculty Salaries, Fringe Benefits, and Total Compensation at the University of California and the California State University and Colleges: Final Report, 1977-78 (5/1977) (Out of print)

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