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Commission Reports

  • 79-1 Director's Report, February 1979: Post Commission on Government Reform; University of California Student Performance Summaries (2/1979) (Out of print)

  • 79-1B California Postsecondary Education: Challenges and Constraints. Summary of Testimony to Committees of the California State Legislature by Patrick M. Callan (2/1979) Full Publication This document in is PDF format

  • 79-2 Directory of California Colleges and Universities, 1979 (3/1979) (Out of print)

  • 79-3 Director's Report, March 1979: Commission Publications; Education and Work Proposals (3/1979) (Out of print)

  • 79-4 Inventory of Academic and Occupational Programs in California Colleges and Universities (3/1979) (Out of print)

  • 79-5 Director's Report, April 1979: Joint Segmental Report on Increasing Opportunities for Community College Transfer Students; Legislation (4/1979) Full Publication This document in is PDF format

  • 79-6 Faculty Salaries in California Public Higher Education, 1979-80 (4/1979) Full Publication This document in is PDF format

  • 79-7 Director's Report, May 1979: Change in Transfer Admission Requirements to the University of California; Recent Federal Trade Commission Rules Regulating Private Vocational Technical Schools (5/1979) (Out of print)

  • 79-8 Director's Report, July 1979: 1979-80 Budget; Status of Current Legislation (7/1979) (Out of print)

  • 79-9 A Health Sciences Education Plan for California: 1978-80 (7/1979) Full Publication This document in is PDF format

  • 79-10 Using Instructional Media Beyond Campus (7/1979) (Out of print)

  • 79-11 Information Digest 1979: Postsecondary Education in California (8/1979) (Out of print)

  • 79-12 Director's Report, September 1979: Final Report on the 1979-80 Budget Act and AB 8 (1979) for the Public Institutions of Postsecondary Education in California; Budget Overview for 1979-80 (9/1979) (Out of print)

  • 79-13 The Price of Admission: An Assessment of the Impact of Student Charges on Enrollments and Revenues in California Public Higher Education (9/1979; See 82-39 for a later version.) Full Publication This document in is PDF format

  • 79-14 Inmate and Ex-Offender Postsecondary Education Programs in California (9/1979) Full Publication This document in is PDF format

  • 79-15 Director's Report, October 1979: Mid-Session Summary of Fiscal Legislation Affecting California Postsecondary Education; Mid-Session Summary of Policy Legislation Affecting California Postsecondary Education (10/1979) (Out of print)

  • 79-16 Director's Report, November 1979: Staff Participation in the Review of Authorized Independent Colleges; Standardized Test Disclosure (11/1979) (Out of print)

  • 79-17 Director's Report, December 1979: Enhancing the State Role in Lifelong Learning; Statewide Telecommunications Plan (12/1979) (Out of print)

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