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Commission Reports

  • 80-1 Director's Report, January 1980: Statewide Task Force on School Counseling; Title VII, The Higher Education Facilities Act (HEFA) (1/1980) (Out of print)

  • 80-2 The Price of Admission: An Assessment of the Impact of Student Charges on Enrollments and Revenues in California Public Higher Education, Revised (2/1980; See 79-13 for earlier version; updated by 82-39.) (Out of print)

  • 80-3 Director's Report, February 1980: An Overview of State Finance; the Provisions of Proposition 9 (2/1980) (Out of print)

  • 80-4 Director's Report, March 1980: Overview of Public Postsecondary Education and the Governor's Budget for 1980-81; Issues of Continuing Concern to the Assembly Subcommittee on Education (3/1980) (Out of print)

  • 80-5 Degrees of Diversity: Off-Campus Education in California (3/1980) Full Publication This document in is PDF format

  • 80-6 Equal Educational Opportunity in California Postsecondary Education: Part III (3/1980) Full Publication This document in is PDF format

  • 80-7 Plan for Obtaining Community College Transfer Student Information (3/1980) (Out of print)

  • 80-8 Director's Report, April 1980: Proposition 9; California's Income Tax Initiative of 1980: An Update (4/1980) (Out of print)

  • 80-9 Faculty Salaries in California Public Higher Education, 1980-1981 (4/1980) Full Publication This document in is PDF format

  • 80-10 Director's Report, June 1980: Federal Legislation; Current Legislative Summary (6/1980) (Out of print)

  • 80-11 Issues in Planning for the Eighties (6/1980) Full Publication This document in is PDF format

  • 80-12 Director's Report, July 1980: Evaluation of Student Affirmative Action Outreach Programs; Ensuring Equal Educational Opportunity for Chicanos in California (7/1980) (Out of print)

  • 80-13 Determining the Cost of Instruction in California Public Higher Education (7/1980) Full Publication This document in is PDF format

  • 80-14 Guide to California Colleges and Universities, 1980 (8/1980) Full Publication This document in is PDF format

  • 80-15 Director's Report, September 1980: The 1980-81 Fiscal Report; Status Report on the 1979-80 Legislative Session (9/1980) (Out of print)

  • 80-16 Postsecondary Education in California: Information Digest, 1980 (9/1980) (Out of print)

  • 80-17 Commission Comments on Credit and Noncredit Courses in the California Community Colleges: A Report to the Legislature (10/1980) (Out of print)

  • 80-18 Director's Report, October 1980: State Legislation; Federal Legislation (10/1980) (Out of print)

  • 80-19 Director's Report, November 1980: Major Issues in Community College Finance (11/1980) (Out of print)

  • 80-A Uncertainty in Public Higher Education: Response to Stress at Ten California Colleges and Universities, by Frank M. Bowen and Lyman A. Glenny (1/1980) (Out of print)

  • 80-B Signals for Change: Stress Indicators for Colleges and Universities: A Report to the California Postsecondary Education Commission by Lyman A. Glenny and Frank M. Bowen (9/1980) (Out of print)

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