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Master Plan for Higher Education

Additional Information

These documents chronicle the creation of the Master Plan for Education from its inception in law through its many revisions. Included are analyses conducted by the Commission, legislative committees, and other interested parties.


  • All of the 2009 and 2010 documents are scanned. The electronic files were not available.
  • For the original 1960 plan and the 1987 revision, two different versions of the document are available. The main link is to a complete version of the document that was scanned and contains all pages in their entirety. Since this version is actually a series of pictures of the text, the text is not searchable and cannot be highlighted for copying. The second link, labeled "Searchable Text Version", is searchable and text can be highlighted for copying. However, there are some problems with the title pages and tables of contents and these pages are not viewable. Both versions have been provided to meet most needs.