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Report 01-1: Report on Part-Time Faculty Compensation in California Community Colleges

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

April 2001

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Responding to Assembly Bill 420 (Chapter 738, Statues of 1999), the California Postsecondary Education Commission conducted a comprehensive study of the public community college system's part-time faculty employment, salary, and compensation patterns as compared to those of full-time community college faculty.

The Commission retained an independent consulting group to conduct this study. The consultant's report, included here as an appendix, details study activities and provides a review and analysis of the data gathered.

As directed by the legislation, the Commission's report provides recommendations for alternatives through which more comparable salaries could be achieved for full- and part-time faculty at California Community Colleges.

Additionally, this Commission report discusses the complexities of resolving the question of part-time faculty compensation, as well as highlighting additional areas of concern that emerged in conducting the study. Commission recommendations and discussion of the issues surrounding compensation of part-time faculty are based upon the analysis and findings submitted by the consulting firm as well as research activity undertaken by Commission staff.

The Commission approved this report at its meeting of April 2, 2001.

Related Topics: Faculty Salaries, Executive Compensation, Faculty and Staff Issues

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