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Report 02-3: Student Transfer in California Postsecondary Education

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

February 2002

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This report provides background information on student transfer in California postsecondary education. As a guide or primer on student transfer, it discusses the important role that the transfer of community college students to the State’s public and independent baccalaureate-degree granting institution plays in California’s postsecondary education enterprise. The report discusses the many intricacies of the transfer function, describes many transfer-focused initiatives, and discusses the extent to which transfer in California postsecondary education succeeds. A glossary of terms commonly used in discussions of student transfer is provided at the end of this paper, along with a listing of Commission reports on transfer and summaries of the major findings from those reports.

In addition to addressing the Commission's reporting requirements in Senate Bill 121 (Hart, Chapter 1188, Statutes of 1991), the impetus for this report is concern that over the past dozen years the number of successful community college transfers has remained fairly static. However, over this time the State of California has invested significant resources to upgrade existing transfer services and create new programs designed to improve the progress of community college transfers. The report notes that there has been mixed progress on improving transfer but many bottlenecks remain. The report urges that additional research be done on the transfer function and suggests activities that should be undertaken as part of this effort.

In addition to this report, Commission staff presented a short overview of transfer in California to the Commission and moderated a panel discussion on transfer featuring the directors of intersegmental transfer programs. The panel made oral presentations and, along with Commission staff, engaged in discussion on this subject with the Commissioners.

This report was presented to the Commission at its December 4, 2001 meeting.

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