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Report 02-13: Recommendations to Increase the Postsecondary Education Opportunities for Residents of Superior California

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

December 2002

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The 2001-02 State Budget contained a provision requesting the Commission to conduct a study of the “higher education needs of Superior California.” The primary impetus for this study was the lack of postsecondary education opportunities for residents in the northernmost inland region of the State. Since February 2002, Commission staff has been working in consultation with regional representatives to fulfill this budgetary request by: (1) analyzing the current barriers that exist in providing postsecondary education opportunities within the Superior California region; (2) developing options and recommendations for reducing those barriers and increasing their postsecondary education opportunities; and (3) forwarding those policy recommendations to the Governor and Legislature.

The attached report responds to the 2001-02 budget language and is presented to the Commission for action prior to its transmittal to the Governor and Legislature.

The report: (1) provides the context for this work and background on the Superior California region; (2) identifies the current barriers that exist in providing postsecondary education opportunities within the Superior California region; (3) highlights options that could be implemented to expand education opportunities available in Superior California; and (4) offers a series of policy recommendations for increasing the postsecondary education opportunities available to residents of Superior California.

While the report’s primary focus is on Superior California, the options and recommendations have implications and utility for other regions of the State as well.

The Commission adopted this report at its meeting of December 3, 2002.

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