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Report 03-6: A Regional Study of Undergraduate Enrollment Demand and Capacity for the University of California

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

April 2003

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This regional study of undergraduate enrollment demand and physical capacity for the University of California complements a similar regional study for the California Community Colleges and the California State University that was adopted by the Commission in December 2001. The study discusses the 2003-04 five-year capital outlay plans of the University and accounts for anticipated enrollment demand related to the planned opening of the Universityís tenth campus, UC Merced, in Fall 2004.

It is anticipated that total undergraduate and graduate demand for the University will increase by 26 percent over the next eight years and total 216,878 Full-Time-Equivalent Students (FTES) by 2010. Based on the systemís current level of class-room and laboratory capacity, the findings suggest that substantial capacity pressures will likely mount in all regions of the state, except in the North Central Valley, where UC Merced is scheduled to open in Fall 2004 with an initial 6,000 FTES capacity, and in the San Bernardino/Riverside Region, where UC Riverside is situated.

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