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Report 04-2: Commission Review of a Proposal by Riverside Community College District to Convert the Norco Educational Center to College Status

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

March 2004

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This report reviews a proposal by the Riverside Community College District and the California Community College Chancellorís Office to convert the Norco Education Center to college status. The center is situated in the western section of Riverside County on 144 acres of land that had been occupied by the U.S. Navy until it was donated by the federal government in 1984 to the Riverside Community College District.

Enrollments at the Norco Center grew by nearly 135% between Fall 1991 and Fall 2002, and they are expected to grow by another 26 percent by Fall 2010. The increase would represent 7,344 additional students since the campus first opened in 1991 with an initial enrollment of 3,325 students. Approximately 2,800 Full-time Equivalent Students (FTES) are expected to be served during the 2004-05 academic year, which is nearly three times the minimum number required for college status.

The Norco Center offers specialty programs in engineering, computer science, information systems, architecture, design technologies, and agricultural sciences, in addition to general education and vocational courses. Converting the Norco Center to college status would enable it to exercise greater leadership and flexibility in meeting the educational, vocational, and paraprofessional needs of community members and local business residing in the western portion of Riverside County.

The Commission approved this report at its meeting on March 9, 2004.

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