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Report 04-9: Planning and Coordinating the Development of Californiaís Campuses: The Commissionís Role in the Review of New University Campuses, Community Colleges, and Educational Centers

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

June 2004

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State Law requires the California Postsecondary Education Commission to review new public institutions of higher education. The purpose of this review is two-fold: first, to ensure new university and college campuses and off-campus centers develop in accordance with statewide needs and priorities, and secondly, to make certain State capital outlay funds will be spent wisely.

The Commissionís policies and procedures used in the review of new facilities have evolved with changes in Californiaís planning environment. Education planners over the last few years have had the daunting challenge of accommodating robust enrollments at a time of diminishing public resources. The Commission responded by promoting greater efficiencies in the planning of new facilities. Examples of recent changes to the review guidelines that advance efficiencies include: priority consideration given to the development of joint-use centers where two or more segments share a facility and to proposals that provide local contributions.

It appears the Commission is achieving its goal of advancing efficiencies in the development of new institutions. A review of recently approved proposals suggests most new facilities will be financed with a combination of both local and state monies. In fact, all community college proposals include a local contribution. A majority of these proposals also illustrate elements of intersegmental cooperation, particularly with nearby high school districts.

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