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Report 07-04: College-Going Rates: A Performance Measure in California’s Higher Education Accountability Framework

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

March 2007

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As part of its work in developing an accountability framework for higher education, the Commission conducted an analysis of college-going rates in California. This analysis showed that:

  • California has serious inequities in access to higher education. College-going rates vary greatly depending on students’ ethnicity, gender, and the type of neighborhood where the student’s high school is located.
  • California’s college-going rate for four-year colleges is lower than in most other states.
  • College-going rates measure access to higher education, but are only one part of the accountability picture.
Information on how well students progress through higher education and on the value of their degrees in the job market is needed to assess how well the State is doing in making the benefits of higher education available to students leaving high school.
Related Topics: Performance of Higher Education | Equity, Access, and College Preparation | College-going and Preparation for Higher Education

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