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Report 10-22: Fiscal Profiles, 2010

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

December 2010. 176 Pages. 

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This report contains and analyzes statistical information about the financing of California postsecondary education from the 196566 fiscal year through 201011. This report is the 17th in the biennial series since 1989. Some data shown for the current fiscal year are estimates because of publication timelines and the delay of the final 201011 budget. Fiscal Profiles also includes information on California K-12 financing and state government in general. This document provides an efficient and accurate response to the many questions that CPEC receives each year.

Fiscal Profiles 2010 contains 101 statistical displays organized in 16 categories. Appendix A contains five pages of multi-year summaries describing funding trends over the past four decades. Appendices B and C provide definitions and notes on the sources of information used in compiling Fiscal Profiles.

The information contained in Fiscal Profiles 2010 has been compiled from, and verified by, a variety of sources involved with the development of the state budget. The 200910 and 201011 displays show estimates and budget-based projections representing the most current information available on state government finance.

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