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Report 89-3: Toward Educational Equity: Progress in Implementing the Goals of Assembly Concurrent Resolution 83 of 1984: A Report to the Legislature in Response to Assembly Bill 101 (Chapter 574, Statutes of 1987)

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

January 1989

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In 1984, the California Legislature enacted Assembly Concurrent Resolution 83 (Chacon), which directed the Commission to convene an intersegmental task force to develop a plan and set of recommendations to achieve three goals for enhancing the participation and success in postsecondary education of California students from economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds historically underrepresented in higher education. The Commission published the report of that task force, Expanding Educational Equity in California's Schools and Colleges, in March 1986.

In 1987, Assemblyman Chacon authored Assembly Bill 101, which required California's educational segments to report to the Commission on their progress in implementing the recommendations of the task force. It also required the Commission to comment on these reports to the Legislature. This document responds to that charge. As such, it represents the first in a series of reports on progress in achieving the goals of ACR 83.

The Commission's report on pages 1-51 of the document contains five parts: Part One presents background information on the report. Part Two offers a statewide profile with respect to the segments' implementation of the recommendations in the task force plan. Part Three describes the extent to which the goals of ACR 83 are being achieved in terms of college eligibility, attendance, transfer, and graduation as well as changes in those rates from 1984 to 1987. Part Four summarizes the "state of the State" with respect to achieving the goals adopted by the Commission at its December 1988 meeting as part of its policy declaration on educational equity. And Part Five discusses the findings of the report in terms of probable factors that influence the rate of progress in achieving educational equity. Based on these findings and the report of the Commission's Special Committee on Educational Equity, it offers seven recommendations to State policy makers for achieving educational equity and the ACR 83 goals.

Following the Commission report, the segmental reports are arranged as follows:

  • California State Department of Education;
  • California Community Colleges;
  • The California State University;
  • University of California; and
  • Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities.
The Commission adopted the report at its meeting on January 23, 1989, on recommendation of its Policy Evaluation Committee.
Related Topics: Equity, Access, and College Preparation

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