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Report 89-9: A Further Review of the California State University's Contra Costa Center

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

March 1989

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In December 1987, the Commission approved the proposal of the Trustees of the California State University to create a permanent off-campus center of California State University, Hayward, on its "Cowell Ranch" property in Concord, subject to certain conditions that emanated from the Commission's concerns about physical access to the site and services for disadvantaged students. The Commission's 1987 report on the proposal contained seven recommendations, one of which called on the State University to develop a supplemental report that includes (1) a plan demonstrating that physical access to the site would satisfy the Commission's requirements for "reasonable" access, (2) an environmental impact report to include mitigation measures, and (3) a description of planned services for disadvantaged students.

The State University has now submitted those supplemental materials to the Commission, and this follow-up report discusses them. Its concludes that the proposed off-campus center is preferable both to the continuation to the present lease agreement with the Mt. Diablo Unified School District and to the relocation of the center to other leased quarters, and it argues that while the transportation problems of the new site remain severe, the State University is making every effort in its power to mitigate them. Thus it ends with these four statements:

  1. The Commission reiterates its previous recommendation approving a permanent off-campus center to be located at the site generally known as Cowell Ranch on Ygnacio Valley Road in Concord.
  2. The California State University shall periodically report to the Commission its positive steps to alleviate the transportation problems as it develops the Cowell Ranch site for a permanent off-campus center.
  3. Until such time as the enrollment at California State University, Hayward, equals or exceeds its current designed physical capacity, the Contra Costa Center shall not be converted to a four-year campus.
  4. If and when the Trustees of the California State University consider it appropriate to convert the Contra Costa Center to a four-year campus, the State University shall submit a complete justification for the conversion at least two years in advance of the proposed conversion date. This justification will include full consultation with area community colleges and the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges.
The Commission adopted this report at its meeting on January 23, 1989 on recommendation of its Policy Development Committee.
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