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Report 89-11: Faculty Salaries in California's Public Universities, 1989-90: A Report to the Legislature and Governor in Response to Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 51 (1965)

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

March 1989

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Annually, in accordance with Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 51 of the 1965 General Legislative Session, the Commission submits to the Governor and the Legislature an analysis of faculty salaries in the University of California and the California State University for the forthcoming fiscal year.

In this report for the 1989-90 year, the Commission analyzes the data submitted to the University and State University by their respective groups of comparison institutions and show how those data are formulated into the parity presented on pages 7-15. It estimates that for 1989-90, University of California faculty members will require an average salary increase of 4.7 percent to bring them to the mean of their comparison group, while California State University faculty members will require an increase of 4.81 percent.

This report includes a discussion of the issue of continued inclusion of law school faculty salaries in the salary calculations for some of the comparison institutions of the California State University, which itself has no law schools.

The Commission adopted this report at its meeting on March 6, 1989, on the recommendation of its Policy Development Committee.

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