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Report 89-16: Standardized Tests Used for Higher Education Admission and Placement in California During 1988: The Fourth in a Series of Annual Reports Published in Accordance with Senate Bill 1758 (Chapter 1505, Statutes of 1984)

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

April 1989

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Senate Bill 1758 of 1984 (Torres) requires sponsors of standardized tests used for admission or placement purposes in higher education to report certain data to the California Postsecondary Education Commission on an annual basis, provided they (1) have given the test for at least five years, (2) administered the test to 3,000 or more test subjects in California during the testing year, and (3) charge the test subjects a fee.

Each spring, the Commission must submit a summary report on these tests to the Governor, the Legislature, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the governing boards of California's three public segments of higher education.

This document is the fourth in this annual series of Commission reports. It briefly describes and presents data on each of the ten batteries of standardized test affected by the law in 1987-88. It also displays mean test scores of students nationally and in California if these averages are available.

All of the sponsors of these tests have complied or are complying with the provisions of the law regarding the information they are to submit to the Commission. Following a brief introduction, Part One of the report on pages 3-14 discusses the six tests used at the undergraduate level, and Part Two on pages 15-17 discusses the four used by graduate and professional schools. The materials submitted by the test sponsors are reproduced in an appendix beginning on page 29.

The Commission discussed this paper at its meeting on April 17, 1989.

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