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Report 89-18: Recommendations for Revising the Private Postsecondary Education Act of 1977: A Report to the Legislature and Governor on Needed Improvements in State Oversight of Privately Supported Postsecondary Education

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

April 1989

Reprinted in Report 89-21. View Full Publication
This report is the third in a series of related Commission reports on the subject of California State oversight of private postsecondary education. It offers a summary of the previous two reports -- The State's Reliance on Non-Governmental Accreditation, and Protecting the Integrity of California Degrees -- and concludes with a presentation of the goals that California should seek to accomplish in its oversight of private postsecondary education and recommendations about steps to accomplish these goals. It is organized into three parts as follows:

  • Part One on pages 1-6 provides a brief description of California's private postsecondary educational enterprise and the licensure and oversight process used by the State for it.
  • Part Two on pages 7-12 summarizes the major findings of the two earlier reports and the fundamental conclusions to be drawn from them.
  • Part Three on pages 13-14 offers a policy framework for thinking about what the State should seek to accomplish through oversight of private postsecondary education and concludes with eight recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature about changes in the law to accomplish these goals, including abolition of the current Council for Private Postsecondary Educational Institutions and its replacement with a regulatory body to provide the leadership, planning, and oversight needed to maintain and develop a strong private sector of California's postsecondary education community.
The Commission adopted this report at its meeting on April 17, 1989, on recommendation of its Policy Evaluation Committee.
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