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Report 89-19: Mandatory Statewide Student Fees in California's Public Four-Year Colleges and Universities: Report of the Sunset Review Committee on Statewide Student Fee Policy Under Senate Bill 195 (1985), published for the Committee by the California Postsecondary Education Commission

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

April 1989

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The original intent of the following report was to serve as the Student Fee Sunset Review Committee's recommendations to the Legislature regarding revisions to and extension of the existing student fee legislation originally enacted through Senate Bill 195 (1985) and codified in Chapter 3.5 of Part 40 in the California Education Code. The Committee continues to support the concept of this fee policy as well as the proposed changes in the fee legislation that it recommends within this report.

One of the principles under which the Committee has operated has been the principle of consensus. Absent consensus, the members agreed not to attempt to move forward on sponsoring legislation.

Although the committee members are in consensus about the major provisions of the attached document, there is not consensus about the timing and content of legislation. A number of committee members concur with concerns first expressed by the University of California representative about committing to a long-term fee policy at this time due to the fiscal uncertainty that the State presently faces as a result of the Gann Appropriations Limit. As a result, these members have stated that under the present conditions they are unable to commit to such long term legislation. The committee also discussed the possibility of a one-year extension of the existing fee policy, but concern was raised about the likelihood of success in getting such short-term legislation through the legislative process and signed into law by the Governor. The Committee has therefore agreed not to move forward on a consensus basis with its sponsorship of legislation this year. It is hoped that the State budget situation will have improved next year, and in that event the Committee hopes to move forward at that time.

Although the law sunsets in 1990, it is possible that there will be a gap in the policy if no law is put into effect before that time. Because of concern that the policy is fundamentally sound and should be maintained, both the University of California and California State University representatives have indicated that their systems will endeavor to maintain the policy and will follow the methodology in their preparation of budget requests for the 1990-91 budget year.

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