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Report 90-9 : Guidelines for Review of Proposed Campuses and Off-Campus Centers: A Revision of the Commission's 1982 Guidelines and Procedures for Review of New Campuses and Off-Campus Centers

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

January 1990

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Existing law states the intention of the Legislature that no proposals for new public university or college campuses be approved by the Legislature unless such proposals have been reviewed and recommended by this Commission. The process for Commission review of new proposals for new campuses and off-campus centers has not been substantially changed since it was first developed in 1975, although it was modified most recently in 1982. As the Commission prepares for its role in coordinating the planning process for expansion to meet the needs of the twenty-first century, one of its priorities has been to update those guidelines to make them more appropriate to current needs.

Four major differences between this set guidelines and the 1982 version (which is appended on pages 7-13) are these additions:

  1. A request to the segments that all segments that all proposals for new campuses be prepared in the context of a statewide plan that is made available to the Commission for review and comment;
  2. A request that the segments inform the Commission of their plans for new campuses before the site selection process, so as to give the Commission the opportunity to make suggestions about whether the process should move forward before the fact of land acquisition;
  3. A request that all final proposals for new campuses and off-campus centers include a completed Environmental Impact Report; and
  4. A request that each segment include in its final proposal plans for how the campus or center will meet the State's policy goals of access, quality, and educational equity, as well as some preliminary plans about the academic or programmatic character of the campus or center.
The Commission adopted those guidelines at its meeting on January 22, 1990, on recommendation of its Policy Evaluation Committee, and on the assumption that the implementation of those new guidelines will be phased in as appropriate to the current planning process of the segments and the Commission.
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