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Report 90-15: Services for Students with Disabilities in California Public Higher Education, 1990: The First in a Series of Biennial Reports to the Governor and Legislature in Response to Assembly Bill 746 (Chapter 829, Statutes of 1987)

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

April 1990

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Assembly Bill 746 of 1987 by Assemblyman Tom Hayden directs the University of California, the California State University, and the California Community Colleges to coordinate their planning and development of programs for students with disabilities and to develop and implement a system for evaluating State-funded programs and services for these students on each campus at least every five years. It also calls for biennial progress reports from the segments on their efforts to implement State policy in this area and for the Postsecondary Education Commission to review these reports and to comment to the Legislature on the first set of reports by this March.

This initial Commission document mandated by AB 746 reviews four major topics of the segments' reports, which are attached as appendices:

  1. The development of formulas and procedures for the allocation of funds to disabled student services;
  2. New regulations and policies for disabled student services;
  3. Intersegmental coordination in the development of disabled student programs; and
  4. Segmental five-year plans for comprehensive evaluations of all State-funded disabled student programs.
The Commission document concludes that all three segments have developed new plans and procedures to meet the requirements of AB 746 and that their reports respond properly to the charge of that legislation.

The Commission adopted this report at its meeting on April 30, 1990, on the recommendation of its Policy Evaluation Committee.

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