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Report 90-17: Academic Program Evaluation in California, 1988-89: The Commission's Fourteenth Annual Report on Program Planning, Approval, and Review Activities

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

June 1990

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Through Assembly Bill 1993 (1989, Farr), the Legislature directed the California Postsecondary Education commission to help the new Council for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education draft preliminary regulations in order to implement new laws regulating private colleges and vocational schools in California. The Legislature specified that the Commission deliver these draft regulations to the Council by next December 31, for the Council's consideration when it assumes its duties on January 1, 1991, from the Private Postsecondary Education Division of the Department of Education.

This agenda item consists of two sections: (1) an explanation of the background, scope, and major policy issues regarding the new regulations; and (2) a copy of the most recent draft of the regulations as developed by Commission staff.

The staff brings this item to the Policy Development Committee this month for its discussion in preparation for Commission discussion in December and for the new Council's early consideration. These preliminary regulations should enable the Council to adopt temporary regulations shortly after assuming its responsibilities in January. The regulations were developed to meet the stringent requirements of the State's Administrative Procedures Act because ultimately the Council will be required to adopt formal regulations that meet these standards.

Staff has made these draft regulations available to members of the Council and interested members of the public for their information, taking care to inform them that it most likely will not constitute the Commission's eventual official transmittal.

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