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Report 90-18: Expanding Information and Outreach Efforts to Increase College Preparation: A Report to the Legislature and Governor in Response to Assembly Concurrent Resolution 133 (Chapter 72, Statutes of 1988)

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

June 1990

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Assembly concurrent Resolution 133 (Hughes, 1988) directed the Postsecondary Education Commission to:

  • "consider alternative to expand early outreach and public information to elementary and junior high school pupils about the academic preparation necessary for college, and about how to apply for financial aid and prepare for the costs of higher education,
  • "explore the potential utilization of financial incentives to increase pupil motivation to complete their schooling and prepare for college, and
  • "present to the Legislature and the Governor (1) specific recommendations for action to implement new policy in this area, (2) a cost estimate for implementing each of the recommendations, and (3) a proposed time schedule for implementation."
With this report, the Commission responds to that legislative charge. For the report, the Commission assembled information about existing programs in California that seek to provide students and their families with facts about financial preparation for college. In the report, the Commission identifies those issues that distinguish low-income from middle-income students in terms of barriers to their participation in higher education and then describes separately the programs developed to help the two groups prepare for the costs of college. Following discussion of these programs, the Commission presents a series of options for addressing the issues, and it concludes with recommendations for policy action to address them.

The Commission adopted the report at its meeting on June 11, 1990, on the recommendation of its Policy Development Committee.

Related Topics: Equity, Access, and College Preparation

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