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Report 90-20: Planning for a New Faculty: Issues for the Twenty-First Century. California's Projected Supply of New Graduate Students in Light of Its Need for New Faculty Members

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

September 1990

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This report focuses on issues relating to replenishing California's college faculty as well as increasing the number of faculty as a result of increased enrollment.

The report has a three-fold aim:

  • To Provide a general overview of work that has already been conducted on this issue nationally, and in California;
  • To highlight several potential policy interventions and broad policy issues that should be incorporated into ongoing State-level discussions of recruitment of the next generation of faculty, as well as expansion in graduate education; and
  • To suggest a framework to guide State-level policy makers and educators in continuing discussions on this topic.
Part One of the report on pages 1-8 includes the Commission's suggestions for both the segments and the State on 12 policy options that hold promise for increasing the supply of Ph.D.s and mitigating potential faculty shortages.

Nine of the 12 options are "supply-side" interventions aimed at increasing the availability of advanced-degree recipients for faculty employment: (1) Increase baccalaureate production and the share of California baccalaureate recipients entering graduate schools; (2) Increase the attractiveness and quality of Ph.D. programs by addressing the internal dynamics of these programs that dictate the quality of student life within them; (3) Accelerate diversification efforts; (4) Expand graduate degree production; (5) Make graduate planning comprehensive; (6) Focus program planning on degree production; (7) Identify cost-containment strategies; (8) Emphasize intersegmental planning; and (9) Encourage interstate planning.

The remaining three options are "demand-side" interventions related to faculty compensation and working conditions: (1) Examine assumptions about teaching load; (2) reexamine policies on use of part-time faculty, including the compensation of part-time faculty; and (3) Reexamine practices related to faculty recruitment and compensation.

The commission adopted this report at its meeting on September 17, 1990, on the recommendation of its Policy Evaluation Committee.

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