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Report 91-1: Library Space Standards at the California State University: A Report to the Legislature in Response to Supplemental Language to the 1990-91 State Budget

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

January 1991

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This Commission report examines the California State University's newly proposed system wide library plan. That plan will govern the planning and development of library space on State University campuses for the next ten years. The Commission's report evaluates the State University's updated library space standards and discusses policy issues that relate to on-site and off-site compact storage systems for library materials.

The report is presented in four sections: (1) Background and Conclusions, pp. 1-8; (2) Present and Proposed Space Standards, pp. 9-14; (3) Policy Questions for Further Study, pp. 15-20; and (4) Remote versus On-Site Storage, pp. 21-26.

This report requests follow-up information from the State University on its library plan by February 1, 1991, and April 1, 1991. The Commission's staff will then review the additional material and submit a supplemental report to the Commission in June for its approval.

The Commission adopted this report at its meeting of January 28, on recommendation of its Policy Developmental Committee.

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