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Report 91-8: The Educational Equity Plan of the California Maritime Academy: A Report to the Legislature in Response to Language in the Supplemental Report of the 1990-91 Budget Act

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

April 1991

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The Supplemental Report of the 1990 Budget Act for the 1990-91 fiscal year included language directing the California Maritime Academy, in consultation with the California Postsecondary Education Commission, to develop "a student affirmative action plan to address the needs of underrepresented, women, and low-income students" by January 1, 1991, and then to submit annual reports on the Academy's progress in implementing affirmative action by March 1 of each succeeding year.

In response to that budget language, the Academy's administrators drafted an educational equity plan by January 1, and Commission staff conferred with those administrators on the plan's expansion and improvement.

In this report , the Commission states that the final version of the plan, which is attached as an appendix, "provides a good beginning for the changes that must occur at the Academy if educational equity is to be achieved." The Commission "therefore supports the Academy's plan but encourages the Academy's Board of Governors to improve upon this initial effort by reexamining the Academy's existing administration policy to more clearly articulate the Academy's entrance requirements. . . . The articulation of a clearly defined admissions policy will greatly assist the Academy in its efforts to encourage applications from all interested students, and particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds."

The Commission adopted this report at its meeting on April 28, 1991, on recommendation of its Policy Development Committee.

Related Topics: Equity, Access, and College Preparation

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