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Report 91-13: California's Capacity to Prepare Registered Nurses: A Preliminary Inquiry Prepared for the Legislature in Response to Assembly Bill 1055 (Chapter 924, Statutes of 1990)

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

September 1991

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Through Assembly Bill 1055 (Roos, 1990), the California Legislature asked the California Postsecondary Education Commission to report on three issues concerning the ability of California's collegiate nursing programs to produce enough registered nurses to meet a growing statewide shortage:

  1. The existing enrollment capacity of nursing programs in the State's public and private colleges and universities;
  2. Plans for the expansion of enrollments on existing campuses and the possible addition of new programs; and
  3. The status of curriculum articulation between community college and California State University programs.
The Commission responds to that request in this staff report, which indicates that:

  1. In 1990, California's colleges and universities had a capacity of enrolling a total of some 12,855 students in their associate degree and baccalaureate degree registered nursing programs -- 11,449 in its public institutions, and 1,406 in its private ones.

  2. As of 1990, administrators of more than half of the programs indicated that their programs had some room for expansion by enrolling more students, but only four institutions have either opened a new program since 1990 or plan to open one in the future.

  3. Beyond existing articulation agreements, a major effort is currently underway by the California Association of Colleges of Nursing and the California Associate Degree in Nursing Educators' Group to develop a model articulation framework that can be used by all associate degree and baccalaureate degree programs in the State for improving their articulation.

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